We create socially craveable video for restaurants

Many restaurant owners struggle with building a loyal online following. Crave Digital specializes in creating memorable content — and the consistent online presence — to keep your guests hungry for more and your business on their minds. This organically results in a much larger follower count, plus more customers through your front door.

Why Video?

Better Content | More Engagement | Increased Following

In 2018, if you’re not shooting videos, you’re completely missing out on the largest gold mine for your restaurant. Eighty percent of Instagram users follow a business, and the use of video increases a business’s interaction with future guests by 48 percent. Look no further than the Tasty account from Buzzfeed. No matter the featured cuisine, Tasty’s 30-second recipe videos result in comment after comment from Instagram users set on tagging their friends in this latest display of down-right deliciousness. Those could be your customers sharing your video.

Nothing stops Instagram scrollers in their tracks like a food video. Capture their attention for 30 seconds and leave a more impactful impression. Videos grow your online following and, more importantly, increases your guests’ in-person loyalty.


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