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10 Tampa Bay Restaurant Trends in 2021

Fast Casual Three words: Taste, value and convenience. With Covid expected to linger for most of 2021, fast casual-style of dining will thrive because of their ability to deliver quality takeout and in-and-out dine-in. Obviously local favorites like Taco Dirty and Fresh Kitchen have shown success, but now the big players, such as Outback Steakhouse, […]

Restaurant Sales Funnel

How Restaurants Can Run A Successful Facebook Sales Funnel

We explained the importance of restaurants running a sales funnel in a previous post. Here, we’ll discuss how to actually run one. To sum it up: The point of a sales funnel is to take someone who has never heard of your business and turn them into a customer. Hopefully, a loyal, vocal advocate. Let’s […]

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Why Restaurants Should Never Boost a Facebook Post

We get it. Times are tough. Even when we’re not dealing with a health crisis, spending more money than necessary just seems … unnecessary. And you’re busy. Running a business is time consuming, particularly when you’re in the restaurant industry. We talked in the past about how you can modernize your restaurant’s marketing plan, today […]

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How Restaurants Can Modernize Their Marketing Plan

Modern restaurant marketing is crucial to a restaurant’s success, but what does it mean? There’s never been more ways to advertise and market your restaurant, but what are the right options for your hard earned marketing budget? The restaurant industry is a tough business. Margins are tight, competition is high and there are so many […]

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How Restaurants Can Attract Customers Today, Even During Coronavirus

Tampa Bay restaurants are slowly reopening as state and city leadership begin to relax coronavirus restrictions. While eateries are only permitted to operate with 25 percent capacity at the moment, this is expected to increase next week. But restaurants that have survived the shutdown aren’t quite out of the weeds yet. They need to get […]

tampa restaurant reputation management

What is Reputation Management and Why is it Important

Reputation management is defined as the effort to influence what and how people think of a brand or person when viewed online. It’s your brand’s character. The scary part is that it’s not so much controlled by first person experiences as it is algorithms. Your restaurant can have a thousand positive reviews on Yelp, if […]

Why Restaurants Should Drop The Delivery Apps

5 Reasons Restaurants Should Drop the Delivery Apps

In the time of COVID-19, marketing for restaurants is more crucial than ever. The industry already had tight margins and then things suddenly got tighter. Restaurants are now faced with difficult decisions on how to survive. Below, we will give 5 reasons restaurants should drop the delivery apps. One of those decisions is the use […]

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