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Our Philosophy

A shot of the exterior to set the scene. Another inside that depicts guests having a good time. The chef lighting something on fire for excitement. Then, inevitably, the “money shot” of guests sitting around a table, enjoying the food.

Mmm. Nothing stokes our appetites like watching actors eat.

Everybody’s seen that standard restaurant video. Cut. Paste. Repeat. Every unimaginative marketing company will tell you this is your path to success.

But they’re wrong.

It’s 2018. Instagram was built on food photos. There are thousands of accounts, with huge followings, that do nothing but post sexy-looking grub. Real foodies don’t care about the cut-and-paste videos boring marketing agencies think will draw customers. 

People no longer have the attention span for the opening montage of your restaurant’s sign and front door. Bo-ring. It’s all about the food. Food that looks good. And that’s what Crave Digital specializes in — making dishes (and drinks) look irresistible with our lenses. We drive traffic to your social media channels, and then your restaurant. Our videos start with the money shot to reel in future guests and showcase how your chef’s masterpiece was created. One menu item. One bite-size video.

We understand the internet and how customers behave when watching videos. They have to be hooked early, and wowed until the very end. If you can keep their attention, they reward you by sharing your video with their friends. That’s word-of-mouth advertising before they’ve even chowed down.

Bottom line: We’re foodies with a passion for marketing. To us, there’s nothing more fun than helping restaurants tell their stories — all while growing their following locally and beyond. Because what good is amazing food if the world doesn’t know about it? Will you rely on amatuer restaurant critics to get the word out?

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Appetizing is not just how it tastes — it's also how it looks

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