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We are a broad-minded boutique studio specializing in the food industry


Started by Chris Fasick in 2018, Crave Digital began as a videography business. Since then, as the client list grew, so do the list of services. What started as ``Hey, let's shoot some video`` turned into ``Hey, can you do `{`insert service here`}``` and the rest is history.

About Us

While we would love to tout being a full team of specialized super heroes, we're not. In fact, there's barely a ``we're`` at all as most of the work is done by Chris himself. While he does have a small team a freelancers to fill in the gaps and help things move along, everything seen on this site has been completed by himself. The great news is the savings are passed on to you as a small business, as we all know how expensive a full fledged marketing agency can be.

Our Philosophy

Many restaurant owners struggle with building a loyal online following. Crave Digital specializes in creating memorable content — and the consistent online presence — to keep your guests hungry for more and your business on their minds. This organically results in a much larger follower count, a more loyal following — and most importantly — more customers through your front door.

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