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What is Reputation Management and Why is it Important

Reputation management is defined as the effort to influence what and how people think of a brand or person when viewed online. It’s your brand’s character. The scary part is that it’s not so much controlled by first person experiences as it is algorithms. Your restaurant can have a thousand positive reviews on Yelp, if their artificial intelligence places the 5 worst reviews at the top, what will potential guests impression of your business be?

Running a business is hard. Coronavirus makes it even harder. The hospitality industry, perhaps the hardest hit by the pandemic, has had to deal with situations many other businesses have not. Suddenly, restaurant customers are hesitant to do things we’ve all taken for granted for several generations.

Have you thought about how many hands have touched that menu? Has it been disinfected? These are the questions your customers are asking, have you answered them?

The need for public relations and reputation management has never been more crucial.

Restaurant owners need to explain how they’re handling the coronavirus to effectively and confidently put their guests’ minds at ease. Some members of the public feel okay about going out, while others do not — they’re not as comfortable just yet. This is where restaurant reputation management comes into play.

Crave Digital faced this recently with our client Chicken & Taco Loco. When the coronavirus hit, they hired us to handle their public relations just in time to inform their customers of the changes they were implementing to ensure their safety.

More recently, with the increasing cost of beef, Taco Loco had to raise prices on some of their menu items. Expecting some push back, they tasked us with handling the announcement.

We knew most of the comments would show support for Taco Loco, but also that the news would upset some guests. We’re using this Facebook post as an example. A prompt response to negative comments was imperative. Allowing someone to post a negative thought and having it sit there for more people to pile on would be bad, because the comments can quickly snowball out of control. We were able to reply quickly and steer the conversation in a positive direction.

There are several examples when this strategy is crucial, not just during the coronavirus.

Negative comments pop up all the time. Don’t let them sit and fester. When these comments go unanswered, they’re detrimental to a business and its reputation. Monitoring your social channels 24/7 is a must. The great news is, a negative experience can be turned into a positive impression when the right things are said.

This is why all of Crave Digital’s social media packages include “always-on” listening. We’ll be your eyes and ears on the street, while you handle the in-house operations. We provide reputation management you can trust and rely on. It’s one of the most important services that we offer.

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